Surrogacy In India

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Surrogacy was just a bookish word until 1994 when the first child was delivered. During that period it was illegal in India but in the year 2002, the Supreme Court passed a rule saying commercial surrogacy is legal. Today India is one of the leading international destinations of surrogacy. India has beautiful places to visit and this drags a lot of foreign visitors here. They come and enjoy the natural beauty but have you ever thought about why do they opt for surrogacy in India? There are several reasons and some of them are:

Disclaimer: In 2015, the Indian government took a significant step by banning surrogacy services for foreigners. This decision was followed by the approval of the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill in 2016, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that not only redefined the concept of surrogacy but also introduced comprehensive regulations governing this practice. This Article mentions the situation before 2015

  1. The expenditure of having surrogacy in India is much lower when compared to the other Western countries.
  2. There are many surrogacy clinics in India and they do not just do all the required tests to make sure that the child is safe but they also help in finding the right person who can carry. Thus hiring the person saves a lot of time and hassle and this is also a reason why foreigners select India for surrogacy.
  3. India is one of the leading countries in successful surrogacy. There are clinics in all the big and small cities so that the patients can get proper care when needed without traveling far.
  4. In most of the western countries, most people speak in their local language which makes it tough to interact. Foreigners select India also because most of the physicians and experts working in the clinic can speak English which is a common language.
  5. Women in India are still not as advanced as in the Western countries. Most Indian women still avoid the intake of drugs and other bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. Due to this reason, they are capable of giving birth to a healthy child which is very important in surrogacy.
  6. Every country has its own law and in some countries, surrogacy is illegal or even considered a crime. Since the procedure of donating a womb is legal in India, foreigners know they will not have to face any kind of legal obligations when taking the child to their own country.
  7. India is connected by many international one-stop flight services and foreigners do not have to do a break journey to reach the destination thus they select the country for having a baby through surrogacy.

If a foreign couple seeks surrogacy in India then they have to bear all the expenses during the period. They even have to appoint a legal guardian who will take care of the patient till the child is delivered and handed over to them.

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