More & More People asking for IVF Surrogacy now

Attain parenthood with IVF Surrogacy, a biological miracle

Having problem in conceiving? Well, this is very common problem couples are facing these days. However, science has worked as a magical wand and tackling childlessness has become really easy with it. Many remedies are there to solve the problem of infertility and one among them is surrogacy. The term surrogacy was in news sometimes back when the Bollywood star, Shahrukh Khan also opted for this and was blessed with a baby boy.

Through this reproductive technology one can easily have a baby. Let us have a quick look of various aspects of IVF surrogacy:


Surrogacy is actually a biological process where a lady carries a baby of some other woman. Depending upon the type of surrogacy, surrogates can be of two types:

  • Traditional surrogate: Woman who is artificially inseminated by the father’s sperm is traditional surrogate. Basically, she is the biological mother of the baby to be born. She just carries and delivers the baby for the parents. Donor sperm can also be used in this case.
  • Gestational surrogate: With the introduction of IVF (In vitro fertilization), it became possible to withdraw eggs from the mother and then fertilize them with father’s sperm. In this case, the embryo is placed in the uterus of a gestational surrogate and she carries it till the delivery of the child. Here the surrogate is not the biological mother and thus most people opt for this surrogacy in comparison to the traditional one.

Traditional surrogacy is counseled to-

  • Genetic disorder which may be passed onto the progeny.
  • Non-functional ovaries because of premature menopause.
  • Patients of tuberculosis, diabetes, heart diseases and kidney disorders resulting in inability of conceiving.

IVF surrogacy/gestational surrogacy is counseled to-

  • Malfunctioning uterus or one which is incapable of carrying a full pregnancy to the end term.
  • Woman who has health risks in carrying a baby.
  • Woman who produce eggs but lack uterus (hysterectomy due to cancer or busted womb)
  • Weak womb because of frequent miscarriages

IVF surrogacy has become popular all over the word as it helps couples to remove the “childless” tag. However, it might be difficult to find a surrogate mother but there are surrogacy agencies which might help you. The agency carries out all the important deals between the two parties like reimbursement for medical expenses etc. Nevertheless, don’t forget to hire an attorney well-versed with the reproductive rights of the country. This will help you to solve any kind of legal issue which arises after the birth. If you don’t have much money to carry out the cost of surrogacy and want to stay away from legal issues, it is better to ask a friend or relative to be a surrogate for you.

In nutshell, IVF surrogacy is like a blessing for those couples who are childless and cannot attain parenthood. This process helps them to get a child of their own despite of complications.

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