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The beautiful and heart-warming giggles of an infant, the soft touch a baby’s arms and legs, the way a baby’s eyes open and the second they look into yours – you realize the magnanimity of the situation, of the fact that there is another human being in your life and one look at that baby, you know you will do anything in this world to protect and nurture that baby.

A baby, whether conceived at the age of 16 or at the age of 60, is always a little ball of happiness for the mother. While for some women, this happiness comes easily and unexpectedly, absolutely unprepared, there are women who have to undergo a lot of medical procedures to experience this happiness.

Such is the story of 42-year-old Angela Nicole of St. Louis who got her real joy of pain.

Angela struggled to conceive a child for years, trying every medical treatment possible – from intrauterine insemination to finally, In-Vitro fertilization. For over a year and a half, she went through 5 rounds of IVF and as each shot caused unbearable pain, which only Angela could feel, both emotionally and physically, she hoped that her prayers and pain would be answered and she would bear the fruit of her pain. During her entire process of IVF, she saved each and every syringe and vial as a way to remind herself what she went through for this chance in life.

Most definitely, her pain and efforts culminated into the success of her conceiving and giving birth to a baby girl, Sophia, who is now 4 months old.

Angela’s story tells us that really, nothing is impossible! To be poked by needles for over a year and not giving up hope is a very brave thing to do and proves to all the other women who are trying for a time longer than this that eventually, it does lead to success.

The thing about medical treatments is that the procedures and methods and chemicals that they use do tend to take a lot of time for the result to actually start happening, but there is success.

Angela went through this pain for such a long time but in the end, she was gifted with joy – the joy of holding her baby and sighing that her patience and her pain did bear a sweet fruit. Angela’s treatment was undertaken by Sher Institute in St. Louis and their medical efforts played a huge role in giving Angela this joy of pain.
Angela’s story stands as a true inspiration for millions of women all over the world that they must not give up trying and hoping. True, it is painful and there are days of being up all night in pain but when there is a little life placed in your arms after all these trying times, you will know why there is so much happiness in being in this pain.
Hang in there, everybody deserves this happiness, let little Sophia be your constant reason of never giving up hope.


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Posted by ARTbaby on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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