Cost of Fertility Treatment

Cost of Fertility Treatment

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➥ Doctor’s professional fees for ovarian stimulation, oocyte pickup and embryo transfer.
➥ All injections used for stimulation of eggs.

Laboratory charges include:

➥ IVF/ICSI (as suggested at the time of commencement of treatment)
➥ Sperm Preparation
➥ Embryo Culture
➥ Extended Culture if needed
➥ Laboratory Consumables
➥ Use of Operating Theatre and Recovery Room Charges

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Terms & Conditions:

➥ The treatment cost applies to the standard IVF/ICSI cycle
➥ The payment is to be done preferably at the start of the treatment, before the date for oocyte pickup. The payment is non-refundable.
➥ Oral medications & medicines advised after ET are not covered in the package.