The cost of treatment can be one of the major factors that affect your decision, but it varies from person to person. It is greatly dependent on the nature of the fertility problems. However, world-class fertility treatment can be affordable as well! Contact us now to get further information.

IVF & ICSI Treatment includes:

  • Doctor’s professional fees for ovarian stimulation, oocyte pickup and embryo transfer.
  • All injections used for stimulation of eggs.
  • Laboratory charges include:
  • IVF/ICSI (as suggested at the time of commencement of treatment)
  • Sperm Preparation
  • Embryo Culture
  • Extended Culture if needed
  • Laboratory Consumables
  • Use of Operating Theatre and Recovery Room Charges
  • Terms & Conditions:

    • The treatment cost applies to the standard IVF/ICSI cycle.
    • The payment is to be done preferably at the start of the treatment, before the date for oocyte pickup. The payment is non-refundable.
    • Oral medications & medicines advised after ET are not covered in the package.