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IVF Clinic & Associated Services

We assure excellent success rates for most types of fertility treatment. Advanced IVF treatment facilities are also offered at our IVF centers. We make sure the highest standards of fertility treatment that match the care offered at best centers across the country are available to our clients.

  • At ARTbaby, you can get comprehensive, reliable and updated information about IVF Clinics and ART services most suited to your needs. Get detailed information about treatment processes such as TESA, MESA, ICSI, IVF, Sperm/Egg Donation, Laparoscopy but commercial Surrogacy in India is banned.
  • Legal Advisors at ARTbaby take pride in assisting you in various aspects associated with the process. They help in drawing up and understanding the Surrogacy Agreement. They review the Order/Contract to make sure that there are no legal hassles in taking the baby back to your home country.
  • We help you make the right choice from various IVF Centers in India by providing the cost of treatment at various centers.
  • Alternative treatment forms are also available at ARTbaby to help overcome problems of infertility. You can join our Yoga Workshop to know more about the subject.
  • The expert counselors and medical consultants at ARTbaby will counsel you about the various treatment options so that you can decide on the best one that matches your specific situation and requirements.
  • We will be with you at the IVF Clinic in India and handle all the travel and stay arrangement while in India to ensure you have a comfortable time. Besides that, we will also help you have a good look at the top tourist destinations in the country.

Our Surrogacy Services

  • Selecting the surrogate mother from our database
  • Screening, Cycle matching
  • Surrogacy agreement and legal contract
  • Embryo transfer
  • Comprehensive care during and post pregnancy and after delivery
  • Handling the legal process in taking the baby home

Egg donation Services

  • Assistance is choosing a matching egg donor
  • Cycle matching
  • Collection of donor egg
  • Care of egg donor