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Ravi sharma is a self-motivated, successful entrepreneur and has solid experience in fertility segment. He is a pharmacy graduate with MBA in marketing and has 14 years of rich experience in sales and marketing. His latest achievement includes successful launch of medical tourism company with the name of ARTbaby which offers treatment options for infertility, egg donation and surrogacy. He enjoys spending time with his family and witting on Surrogacy and egg donation.

Covid-19 pandemic and Indian ART (infertility treatment) industry

An unparalleled condition with substantial unusual modifications due to the spreading of COVID-19 across the globe impacts the whole healthcare system along with the financial and social system. The nationwide emergency brought lockdown and only essential services are permissible to control the pandemic situation. Worldwide fertility clinics’ activity becomes stagnant because of the COVID-19 pandemic. … Read More

IVF and Covid-19

Still COVID-19 pandemic is a serious health concern, though immunization starts in different countries. Currently, COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day and are considered the second wave of pandemic. In such conditions, many couples have been watching and waiting to see when they can safely start or resume the IVF procedure. According to the … Read More

Medical advancements in the Indian ART sector

In the last few years, assisted reproductive technology (ART) has grown remarkably. Both developed and developing countries have the facilities to treat infertile couples through ART. Previously, infertile couples who belong to developing countries like India cannot afford the sophisticated procedures comprise in ART. But current economic expansion among the general population makes the ART … Read More

Donor eggs and the intended mother

Using donor eggs through egg donation technology become a popular fertility treatment option for many infertile intended mothers. An Intended mother requires donor eggs due to certain indications like advanced reproductive age, premature menopause, or a history of unexplained unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts. The chances of using donor eggs increase the pregnancy success rate … Read More

Cost of Surrogacy in India: An Overview

The total cost of surrogacy ranges between INR1005000-INR1638500(Including Guaranteed Surrogacy Packages) in India at ARTbaby Surrogacy Clinics, Delhi, India. Although surrogacy cost is completely dependent on the requirements of intended parents, number tries and complications or etc. What is Surrogacy? Brief Surrogacy is a process when a woman carries the child of a couple(intended parent) … Read More

ARTBaby- A Ray of Hope in India for Childless Couples

Treating infertility is important to many individuals-both men and women-and couples who are experiencing this unfortunate condition. Infertility is often described as an inability to get pregnant after a year of unprotected sex, or six months if over the age of 35. Those experiencing this condition should speak with a fertility specialist in their area … Read More

Egg Cryopreservation for Future Fertility- What is the Hype all about?

Introduction While I was sitting in a waiting room the other day, came across an article in a magazine on freezing oocyte. There are many companies offering freezing egg services for women for the purpose of future fertility. These companies have a very solid way of marketing, means they go after women who are aging … Read More