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Ravi sharma is a self-motivated, successful entrepreneur and has solid experience in fertility segment. He is a pharmacy graduate with MBA in marketing and has 14 years of rich experience in sales and marketing. His latest achievement includes successful launch of medical tourism company with the name of ARTbaby which offers treatment options for infertility, egg donation and surrogacy. He enjoys spending time with his family and witting on Surrogacy and egg donation.

Why gender selection is not allowed in India?

The 2011 populace enumeration in India uncovered that there are just 940 females to every 1000 guys in India. The sex proportion is exceptionally slanted in the western Indian provinces of Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan. A male-centric culture, the endowment framework, destitution, and lack of education (sometimes) have brought about a general public where children … Read More

Effects of surrogacy ban in India

The increasing infertility rates and the expensive cost of surrogacy in western countries had made India a preferable surrogacy tourism site during the year 2002 to 2015. The cost of surrogacy in India is one-half or one-third in comparison with western countries. The majority of surrogate mothers in India belong to poorly educated, rural, and … Read More

Fertility care awareness

Fertility best age of a woman for IVF treatment is also a clinically considerable factor. Clinical experts suggest that women with an age range of 20-30 years opt for IVF get the highest success rate of pregnancy as well as single live births. But after 35 years of age, a steady decline in the success rate … Read More

New advancements may increase IVF success rate

Infertility becomes a common health problem across the globe. IVF is one of the well-established fertility treatments that help to fulfill the dream of many couples and individuals by providing the scope to become a parent. The invention of IVF had happened decades ago. But with passing time, new advancements in the assisted reproductive technology … Read More

Impact of fertility drugs

Fertility drugs treatment can solve infertility issues in many instances and increase the possibility conceive and carrying the offspring for full-term. However, a patient needs to consult with a doctor to get the right prescription medication. Different types of fertility drugs are available and each has a specific activity. Diagnosis of infertility is essential to … Read More

Mutated sperm and fertility

Biological failure for conceiving difficulty after a year of unprotected intercourse is clinically referred to as infertility. Almost 10% to 15% of worldwide populations have infertility issues. In the past, people had a misconception that infertility issues belong to a woman’s problem. But gradual awareness among people reveals that the malefactor can equally be responsible … Read More

First baby born from frozen immature eggs matured in the lab

A malignancy patient in France brought forth the primary child considered from an immature frozen egg which turns to mature in the research center, after defrosting them carefully. Malignant growth can negatively affect a lady’s body, with numerous incapable to consider after thorough medicines. Loss of reproductive functionality is consistently a possible danger after chemotherapy … Read More