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Ravi sharma is a self-motivated, successful entrepreneur and has solid experience in fertility segment. He is a pharmacy graduate with MBA in marketing and has 14 years of rich experience in sales and marketing. His latest achievement includes successful launch of medical tourism company with the name of ARTbaby which offers treatment options for infertility, egg donation and surrogacy. He enjoys spending time with his family and witting on Surrogacy and egg donation.

Egg donation vs own eggs in IVF

Conceiving is the first step to bringing a baby into this world. But conceiving is not easy for every couple. Some couples are struggled for years but do not get a successful outcome. If natural conceiving is not possible, then many couples are seeking assisted reproductive technology (ART).  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) In-vitro-fertilization or IVF … Read More

Multi vitamins and fertility health

Some micronutrients may enhance fertility. Some research findings supported that the higher pregnancy rates among users of micronutrient supplements including multivitamin either with or without fertility disorders. Following are some vitamins and their role in fertility health:  Folate Supplementation of folate during pregnancy is highly recommended to prevent the risk of neural tube defects and … Read More

Therapies for infertility treatments

Infertility is a reproductive health disorder that impacts the life of an affected individual. Infertility negatively impacts personal and social relationships also. Infertility can change the perspective of one’s life. The mental health impact because of infertility often interferes with the outcome of the prescribed treatment also. A supportive environment from friends, family, medical caregivers, … Read More

New advancements in IVF treatment

Infertility becomes a common health problem across the globe. IVF is one of the well-established fertility treatments that help to fulfill the dream of many couples and individuals by providing the scope to become a parent. The invention of IVF had happened decades ago. But with passing time, new advancements in assisted reproductive technology make … Read More

Role of birth control tactics including pills in Infertility

There is a misconception that reversible contraception can cause infertility or delayed return of fertility after the termination of contraception. Following are different unreliable concepts that illustrated how contraception impact fertility: Oral contraceptives like using pills may cause secondary amenorrhea, which is associated with anovulation and reduced reproductive fecundity. IUD may also cause infertility secondary … Read More

Infertility and inheritance

Infertility is a complex condition usually associated with reproductive system disorder. Both or either of the male and/or female partners may responsible for infertility. Broadly, infertility is categorized as primary and secondary.  In primary infertility, the germ cell structure growth is arrested. Consequently, cell necrosis happens because of anatomical or physiological disorders. Premature ovarian failure … Read More

Three parent eggs creation process and cost?

The first cytoplasmic transfer-related pregnancy was reported in 1997. A little amount of ooplasm is transferred from one oocyte to another in the cytoplasmic transfer technique. In this process, mutated mtDNA does not remove, unable to prevent mitochondrial disease transmission. But adding donor mitochondria can create a heteroplasmic oocyte with both mitochondrial haplotypes. But in … Read More