Risk & Benefits of Egg Donation

According to studies and on-going research, there is 48 to 50 percent chance of conceiving using the donor eggs. For women above 40 years of age and those in general with a lower quality or quantity of eggs, the possibility of conceiving with donor egg is about five times more than with their own eggs.  It’s almost a shattering and heartbreaking experience for a couple to be unable to conceive a child. But, there are great ways to have a child and egg donation is one of them.

Egg donation is one ideal way of helping infertile couples or women to start a family. Continued research and modern science has helped several million couples across the globe to become parents to healthy child. Nowadays, egg donation is considered as one of the most commonly used methods to help infertile couples to become parents to a healthy child.

Risk and Benefits of Egg Donation

Many people consider egg donation as a win-win situation. But, you must be sure to take into account the advantages and downfalls/risks associated with eggs donation before you take a final decision to go through with this procedure.

Advantages / Benefits

The major advantage of donating eggs is that you will be able to help a couple to have a child. This is one significant reason that you must want to donate your eggs. The next major reason of donating your eggs can be the money. Though it must not be a great issue for many, but many people agree on the grounds of the huge amount of money that is offered.

Many places agree to pay somewhere between US$5000 to US$10000. If you’re seeking an ideal way to make money that comes with other advantages too, like knowing that you have given a couple one great opportunity to raise a healthy kid.

Often times, egg donation advertisements are directed at the colleges as students are seeking some extra money to pay off their loans with. If you need extra cash, then chances are that egg donation can be a wise choice.

Risks / Downfall

There are great number of disadvantages that can also be connected with egg donation. The major risk that you can face when you decide to donate your eggs is with ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. This syndrome is associated with gastrointestinal stress, abdominal swelling and even fluid accumulation.

In certain cases, women those who go through this egg donation procedure will even experience a high amount of weight gain, blood clots, breathing difficulties and kidney failure. However, all of these extra symptoms are quite uncommon. Women those who are quite younger are much below the ideal body weight for the age and height and tend to be the most at risk for developing the ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.

One of the major risks associated with egg donation is an increased chance of cancer development.  The medicines or drugs used to stimulate ovaries before the process of donation have been shown to cause the cancer in most studies. The main kinds of cancer that are believed to be caused by drugs are uterine, ovarian cancer, breast cancer etc.

Some women, especially starters even claimed that the process is painful for them. For instance some people can experience cramping. In some cases, women also experience infections, bleeding and damage to internal organs as well.

Emotional side effects are also common due to donating eggs. Many people feel that it is more like adoption and a couple will get to conceive and raise a baby which is biologically not theirs. If you’re not strong emotionally then donating your eggs can probably be a concern. This is probably something which you need to think over and over again to take a final decision. If you don’t consider, you might end up experiencing depression for a great period of time. You can even consult a counselor or therapist.

Last but not the least, there are many advantages associated with egg donation, but there are diverse health risks that are also involved in it. Hence, it is significant enough to make sure that advantages overweigh the risks before you take a decision whether to commit to egg donation or not.

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