Do Infertility treatments in India are affordable?

The number of infertile couples all over the globe is increasing. Different infertility treatments are discovered to treat most infertility issues. Indian medical advancement also offers different infertility treatments. IVF is one of the most commonly used infertility treatments. Indian medical facilities allow serving different infertility treatments including IVF cost-effectively compared with other developed countries. Therefore, not only Indians but also Europeans, Americans, and people from other countries come to India to take the opportunity to treat their infertility at a low cost.

infertility treatments in India costs

However, every Indian city where infertility treatment facilities are available has different treatment costs. For example, IVF treatment cost In Mumbai two lakhs to three lakhs without medicine and diagnostic tests. But this cost becomes sixty-five thousand to eighty thousand in Kolkata. Following are the factors that influence the cost of IVF in India:

  • Age of the patients
  • The number of treatment requires to treat the condition
  • Additional charges require in case of inclusion of egg donor or sperm donor or both
  • In case of requirement of donor embryo
  • The rate of Testicular Sperm Aspiration (T.E.S.A)
  • The rate of ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • Cost of cryopreservation of embryos

India is the ultimate destination for fertility treatment

It has been estimated that the average cost of IVF in India is much lower than compared with other countries. However, the cost varies from clinic to clinic and city to city. The skill and experience of infertility specialist doctors in India are similar to other countries. The infrastructure of Indian infertility clinics uses cutting-edge technology to serve the best fertility treatment to the patients. Indian doctors and nurses can speak English fluently, so patients from other countries can communicate easily.

Indian fertility clinics also offer quick appointments with a fewer waiting period. Indian infertility clinics are well designed for treating both male and female infertility disorders. Indian fertility clinics offer world-class treatment facilities within a budget. Both national and international patients share their positive experiences while treating their infertility disorders in India. Indian doctors and nurses are well-versed about the patient’s expectations and they try to fulfill them at their best.

In India, many advanced fertility clinics are available that evaluate the patient’s condition and make treatment plans depending upon the individual patient’s requirement. These Indian fertility clinics serve as patients are the priority.

A supportive environment, relaxed and caring atmosphere make patients happy to visit the clinics. The doctor offers customized solutions along with maintaining all the privacy policies to ensure couples to get a satisfactory treatment outcome. All the clinic staffs also understand the sensitive emotions of the infertile couples and give cooperative surroundings to make the patient comfortable.

Many fertility specialists in India are internationally recognized because of their degrees, training, and experiences. A complete team of gynecologists, anthologists, embryologists, gynae-oncologists, legal counselors, holistic medicine experts, psychological counselors, and other skilled clinical staff work together to provide comprehensive solutions to the patients so that they can enjoy their parenthood. The clinic staff also guides patients if they facing any treatment-related difficulties.

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