IVF and Covid-19

Still COVID-19 pandemic is a serious health concern, though immunization starts in different countries. Currently, COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day and are considered the second wave of pandemic. In such conditions, many couples have been watching and waiting to see when they can safely start or resume the IVF procedure.

According to the current different official guidelines commencing a fresh IVF cycle is not recommended to minimize exposure. During the initial stage of the IVF treatment, patients need to visit the clinic quite often because of hormone treatment, and egg harvesting. Therefore, the chance of exposure is high for both patients and clinic staff. However, the IVF centers need to work hard to maintain all the safety and precautionary measures for the ongoing IVF cycles.

The different collected data showed that how COVID-19 affects pregnancy or your unborn child. Although definite conclusion we should not draw from these data because of insufficient collected data. Following are the scientific conclusion obtains from the collected data:

  • No obvious first-trimester issues occur due to COVID-19
  • COVID-19 active mothers give full-term deliveries
  • In severe health condition due to COVID-19 infection may cause early delivery or premature labor
  • Transmission through breastfeeding is unlikely, therefore no restriction in breastfeeding

Pregnancy may increase the risk for intensive care unit admission and requires mechanical ventilation. But pregnancy in COVID-19 patients does not increase the risk of mortality. However, the statements will change with updating the data and more detailed knowledge about this virus.

Why IVF now?

IVF is an elective medical condition and requires prolonged treatment and requires several months to year/s. Moreover, IVF causes mental and psychological stress. Therefore, it is very much essential to conduct IVF in at least a peaceful environmental situation. But in this current pandemic situation, pursuing IVF may cause additional mental stress related to the risk associated with active COVID-19 cases and an increasing number of patients.

But mental health and psychological well-being differ from individual to individual. If some couples have enough reasons to start IVF in this current pandemic condition, then medical definitely will consider the case. However, patients need to screen for pre-existing respiratory or heart issues. Along with this, both intended mothers and IVF clinic staff should maintain all the safety parameters. The mandatory safety parameters are wearing a face mask, repeated hand washing, following proper sanitizing process, social distancing, etc.

Intended parents who want to start or continue their IVF process in this COVID-19 pandemic condition should be careful about the selection of IVF clinics. Some possible and essential measures that need to take of IVF clinic staffs are as follows:

  • A screening questionnaire must be filled by every patient and individual who accompanied her.
  • Temperature monitoring at the entrance of the IVF clinic
  • COVID screening test for all new patients
  • Repeated sanitization between appointment

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