IVF Baby v/s Natural Conception

Motherhood is one of the most sought-after phases of a woman’s life. Many women can conceive naturally where as there is a large percentage of women who are not able to conceive naturally because of various known and unknown causes.

With the advent of reproductive medicine, this woman can now enjoy motherhood with the help of assisted reproductive technology (IUI & IVF).

What is IVF?

Eggs are taken out from a woman and sperm are drawn from the man. These eggs and sperm are then fertilized in the lab. Embryos (formed in the lab from the egg and sperm )are then transferred back into the woman’s uterus.

What is the difference between IVF and natural conception?

In normal conception:  After sexual activity, eggs and sperm meet & fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube. From the fallopian tube, the embryo is transported to the uterus and implantation occurs.

In IVF: Eggs are extracted from a woman & sperm from a man. They are cultured & fertilized in the lab and Embryos are made. These are transferred back into the woman’s uterus for implantation and pregnancy. Once the embryo is implanted pregnancy phases are the same in natural and IVF pregnancy. So, the only difference is whether the embryo is implanted naturally or artificially.

Benefits of IVF babies?

  1. Helps childless couples to have a baby.
  2. Has control over selection and Quality of embryo. In patients with a family history of various diseases, IVF allows screening for the disease in embryos. This ensures that the Baby will not suffer from a genetic condition.
  3. IVF gives couples flexibility in planning their pregnancy. Couples can plan regarding their treatment and embryo transfer.
  4. IVF can help in an aging uterus and various medical conditions, where natural conception is difficult or not possible.

Are IVF babies as healthy as naturally conceived babies?

  1. Various studies have compared IVF and naturally conceived babies, They have found that IVF babies are as healthy as naturally conceived babies.
  2. There is no difference in physical and mental health and growth of IVF babies as compared to naturally conceived babies.
  3. IVF allows the selection and testing of embryos and thus reduces the risk of genetic diseases in the baby.

What is the Difference between antenatal care in IVF and natural conception?

  1. 2-10 weeks pregnancy – the main difference in this stage is, that the patient is monitored more intensively and ultrasound is done one or two weeks in IVF pregnancy.
  2. 10 weeks pregnancy & beyond from this point there is no difference between IVF and natural pregnancy. Beyond 12 it is safe to announce your pregnancy.

Is an IVF baby an artificial baby?

  1.  It is a misconception.
  2. IVF is an assisted reproductive technique (ART) and NOT an artificial reproductive technique.
  3. The doctor just assists or helps the patient to conceive and does not produce an artificial baby.
  4. 1st test tube baby was born in July 1978. More than 3 million children have been born through ART and are living life normal lives like naturally conceived children.

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