India – Favorite Destination For Health And Medical Tourism

India is considered a favorite destination for health or medical tourism. In the recent years,India has experienced great economic boom which led to the development of the medical infrastructure and facilities that rival the best facilities of western medical care. In fact, the most positive sign is that physicians and doctors practicing in the clinics and hospitals have returned to India from Europe and the United States, leaving behind the successful practices.


India has become of the foremost countries to recognize the potential of the medical tourism. Today,India is one of the leading destinations for the global medical tourists. In the year 2004,India received about 150000 medical tourists and the number grown by a massive 33 percent by the year 2008 to about 200000 inbound medical tourists. As per estimation,India is expected to receive half a million medial tourists by the end of the year 2015.

The State tourism boards, the Government of India, travel agents, hotel companies, tour operators and the private sector hospitals are discovering the medical tourism industry for several tremendous opportunities. In fact people are seeking to capitalize on the different opportunities by means of combining on the popular leisure tourism with the medical tourism in the country.

While the small countries can offer viable alternatives for the minor surgical procedures,Indiahas turned out to be a mainstream option which offers a more comprehensive solution for different medical needs with professional expertise, skills, facilities and the highest levels of the service. A complex bypass procedure or a kidney transplant can be attained for a fraction of cost for the same procedure as conducted in theUnited States.

One of the major reasons why people travel to abroad for the treatments are better service and high medical costs. Moreover, many patients do not have a proper medical insurance and when in need of the surgery, they cannot afford to pay a huge amount for it. A surgery abroad especially in countries like India can lower the cost to about 33 to 50 percent of the price in the United States for example.

Surrogacy in India

A patient can come to India for carrying out any kind of medical procedure that he or she requires to have done. Some of the most common surgeries that patients from abroad choose are orthopedic joint replacement and open heart surgery.India is also a selected destination for surrogacy treatment. Surrogacy inIndiais quite popular an option for people from abroad looking for infertility treatment and options. These are some of the most expensive surgeries if you don’t have any proper and adequate medical cover or insurance.

Today,India excels in various types of treatments and there are several hospitals that specialize in both the medicine fields. Hospitals in India excel in different types of treatment options available. The cosmetic procedures are also popular and one of the most significant procedures that India specializes in. Moreover, no medical insurance cover this sort of operation and usually the costs are quite high. Patients from around the world travel for different types of plastic surgeries, starting from enlargements and breast augmentation to complete tummy tucks and facelifts.


India Gate


There are several other factors that led to the development of medical tourism in India. The private medical sector of India provides the most advanced medical technology and treatments available all around the world today. People can also come to India to enjoy the deluxe accommodations and get treatment by some of the finest doctors who have medical treatments from the western world and all of these are available at the most lowest prices.

Last but the not the least, the Government of India has been supporting medical tourism in India, helping the hospital in attaining the JCI accreditations or awarding funds from time to time for the necessary add-ons and renovations, everything that they can do in order to improve both the public and the private medical sectors in India. Nevertheless, patients coming to India are not expected to face any kind of language barriers as most Indians can speak in English.

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