What Causes Infertility in Females?

Ovulatory disorders are regarded as one of the most widespread reasons among women who are unable to conceive. Infertility is inability and ovulatory disorders accounts to more than 30 percent of infertility among women around the world. However, 70 percent women can successfully treat this inability through use of medications like clomiphene, repronex and menogan.

Pregnant Women

Now the main causes of infertility or failed ovulation in females can be classified as follows:

Hormonal eggs

Hormonal problems are somewhat common. These problems are most common and one of the causes of ovulatory disorders or anovulation. By far, the method of ovulation solely depends upon the intricate equilibrium of the hormones. Any sort of disturbance in their interactions can delay ovulation. There are 3 primary sources that cause this problem.

Hypothalamus failure

The hypothalamus is one segment of the brain which is accountable in sending in the signals to the pituitary gland. Now the pituitary glands in turn send in the hormonal stimuli to the ovaries. The hormonal stimulus is send in LH and FSH which assists in initiating the maturation of eggs. If hypothalamus falls short to activate and to control this method then immature egg will be the outcome. This is the major cause of the ovarian failure in about 20 percent of the cases.

Failure in producing mature eggs

This accounts to more than 50 percent of the cases associated with anovulation. This is when the ovaries fail to manufacture normal follicles where eggs can grow. Ovulation is quite rare when the eggs are immature and the possibility of fertilization is almost absent.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the most usual disorders which is responsible for this sort of problem and includes symptoms including hirsutism, amernorrhoea, infertility and hirsutism. This particular syndrome is often distinguished by minimized FSH production and increased or normal levels of testosterone, oestrogen and LH. The present assumption is that the suppression of the FSH is connected with this state and grounds only partial development of the ovarian follicles. During the ultrasound scan, the follicular cysts are also detected. Thus affected ovary often gets bounded with a white smooth capsule which is almost double its usual size. This increased level of the oestrogren even increases the risk of diseases like breast cancer.

Digital cross section illustration of human hypothalamus and pituitary gland

Pituitary Gland Malfunction

The pituitary gland is responsible for secreting and producing LH and FSH. The ovaries will not be able to ovulate properly if either of them produces too little or too more. This can result due to any kind of physical injury or tumor or if there is any kind of chemical imbalance in pituitary.

Follicle problems, scarred ovaries and premature menopause are some of the other causes of infertility in females. Failed ovulation can be result of any kind of physical damage like repeated ovarian cysts, multiple surgeries can cause the damage to the ovarian capture.  Scarred or damaged ovary capsule can make the follicle unable to mature properly and as a result ovulation does not take place. Infection can even create a great impact.

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