Benefits of Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism is one of the rising industries in India which is slated to grow six times from what it is in the USA now. The industry is predicted to reach a staggering $2 billion in its turnover by 2012.

In the next 5 years, the Indian medical tourism market is said to grow to double the size of any other medical tourism market. India provides medical tourism at an affordable rate in comparison to other countries in the west. The facilities are world-class, and the medical centers take care of patients properly. Hence, India is a good bargain when it comes to medical tourism.

There are several benefits of medical tourism in India. The biggest among them is the cost. Medical treatment in India is offered at a lower cost than in any other developed country in the world. Their air ticket expenses and accommodation expenditure, even if they are put up in a luxury hotel will not be more than their expenses in USA or UK. Patients can save at least 50% of their costs if they choose India over other developed countries.

The second advantage is that of good medical facilities and a talented and experienced pool of professionals in the medical field. The high rate of investment in medical research in India and its history of subsidized medical education have created some of the most efficient medical professionals in the world. Many such talented medical professionals have years of experience in treating patients in western countries. Hence, they are well acquainted with the medical problems of people there. They use their experience and expertise sitting in India to treat international patients.

The infrastructure in terms of private hospitals is excellent in India. Some of the best private hospitals are situated in India with the latest technology. Some have affiliations with John Hopkins and Harvard Medical Schools. Hence, they have the setup to take care of international patients who are conscious about the quality treatment. Language is not a barrier in India as a large cross-section of people can understand and speak international languages in India. The Indian government is also extremely supportive of medical tourism. The government has issued a special visa for international patients who travel to India for treatment. The government is investing heavily in various projects under medical tourism which will build hospitals for the patients and budget hotels for their relatives.

India has always encouraged medical tourism. Patients from Middle- Eastern and south- East Asian countries have arrived in India with their medical problems. Even people from the UK have traveled to India under medical tourism. Only USA-India medical tourism seems to be a new phenomenon. Doctors enjoy a good position in Indian society and are all-powerful when it comes to any kind of medical decision. Patients in UK, US, and Canada are familiar with Indian doctors because there are several Indian doctors practicing in those countries. Hence, they can expect the same amount of dedication from the doctors whom they have already met and interacted with.

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