Why Is India the world’s best Medical Tourist centre especially for Infertility treatment /egg donation options?

Because in India we care, If you take examples of countries like Costa Rica, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Chili, Argentina, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Cuba are not as safe as India. Most of these countries thrive on prostitution and child trafficking. In these countries, profit is over people. In some cases the governments of these countries turn a blind eye; in others, the governments support and receive large revenues from it.

Indian doctors are famous the world over. In the USA and Europe, you can see a large chunk of talented Indian doctors. Indian Top Infertility specialist attends international conferences like ESHRE in Europe & ASRM in America which is why Americans/Europeans trust Indian doctors.

Almost all the top Indian IVF specialists are trained in the USA/Europe. They are achieving a par success rate in IVF/ICSI/Egg Donation with the rest of the world.

Apart from all these:

  • India is an English-speaking country and all documentation is done in English only.
  • They respect Americans/Europeans
  • India has friendly relations with America and most of the European countries.
  • India has its own strong culture and heritage.
  • India has been known for its Yoga/Ayurveda/Alternative Medical Treatment therapies.
  • India offers the world’s best tourist spots e.g. everyone in their lifetime wants to visit the world’s number one Wonder of the World ” the Taj Mahal”.
  • The Indian government has recognized the economic growth opportunity of medical tourism which is why investing heavily in domestic hospitals, medical equipment, and doctors.
  • International airlines are providing convenient, economical, direct, or one-stop flights to India.
  • With all these points in mind, India has an edge over other host countries in Medical Tourism and that too specifically in  Infertility treatment/egg/sperm donation.

We are an IVF centre in India offering the best quality treatment for infertile couples at effective costs.

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