Why Choose Surrogacy and Infertility Treatment in India

Surrogacy has turned out to be a great boon for those parents in doubt to have a child. Every married couple wants to have kids after some point of married life. However, there are few those who can’t enjoy this fundamental right. There are underlying medical and other social reasons for this. With surrogacy being prevalent in different parts of the world even homosexual, gay and LGBT couples and single women and men can fulfill the desire and dream of enjoying parenthood. When it comes to look for surrogacy clinics, India becomes an obvious choice for people belonging to countries. Not only cost, India is chosen for the availability of various treatment options and expertise to guarantee desired results.

surrogacy and infertility treatment in India

In India, surrogacy has turned out to be the major focus of the medical tourism treatment. There are several well-known clinics based in India offering surrogacy treatment to their international clients worldwide. Global searches on surrogacy treatment overseas show that India has developed to be one of the major destinations to conduct advanced infertility treatment. The Indian government has even regularized the advanced health care system. You’ll find skilled team of surrogacy specialists and IVF doctors handling various cases utilizing the modern treatment technologies.

What are the fertility treatments available in India?

Most surrogacy clinics in India offer various fertility treatments, including egg donor, IVF and so on. With the right choice of a surrogacy clinic in India, you can ensure whole range of treatment procedures including complete infertility treatment too. This is an essential part of the surgical fertility services available to the international patients.

Making modern medical science the resource, there are chiefly two kinds of surrogacy options found in India as found in other parts of the world. These include gestational and traditional carriers. A gestational surrogate is much popular and even known as the gestational carrier. This is not genetically or biologically related to the child a mother carries.

The gestational carriers generally become pregnant through the method popularly known as vitro fertilization, wherein embryos or an embryo created from the sperm and egg of intended parents or the donor sperm elected by intended parents are implanted in uterus for gestational period of about 40 weeks.

Common Reasons to choose surrogacy and infertility

Surrogacy is considered as a legal direct for anyone, irrespective of sexual orientation, gender or even marital status to have kids and start up with their own families. Now surrogacy is often chosen by the intended parents due to different causes which might include failure of embryo implantation, pelvic disorder, hysterectomy and repeated miscarriage. A few women even experiences other problems related to liver disease, severe heart condition and even high blood pressure, so pregnancy for them can entail some high health risks.

Why Surrogacy and Infertility Treatment in India?

Surrogacy is regarded as the most expensive medical solution to the problem of infertility. With countries like India, the estimated cost of surrogacy including the payment for surrogate mother is considered competitive to that of other developed nations. For instance, if the entire surrogacy solutions to infertility range something between US$60,000 to $100,000 in countries like US, then costs in developing nations like India can be one tenth of the actual amount charged in the United States.

Surrogacy overseas is one of the simplest ways to find a surrogate mother in the county other than yours. This is where developed nations where surrogacy happens to be legalized come into picture. Over the years, surrogacy overseas has gained tremendous popularity. For most couples, India is a preferred choice to get a baby safely and legally. You can read more on legal aspects of surrogacy in India here: http://artbaby.in/2012/02/legal-aspects-of-surrogacy-in-india/

When you actually save more than hundreds of dollars just by going to India for surrogacy, then why are you wondering? Artbaby is a surrogacy clinic specialized in offering expert surrogacy services in India. Their knowledgeable health experts and doctors can help to take an informed decision. Despite any sort of biological deficiency, you’ll experience your dream of becoming parent come true.

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