Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism ARTbaby makes sure that we provide the best medical tourism by planning schedules in a manner that requires you to spend the bare minimum time required in India. After the treatment dates and schedules are finalized, our team starts working on other aspects associated with the travel and treatment such as Visa, tickets, and lodging facilities. The plan also includes preparing a short list of the IVF clinics compatible with your needs and choosing the best one based on your specific necessities. A visit to India is not complete without scheduling a trip to some of the most popular tourist destinations of the country. India has many iconic and world-famous tourist spots. If you wish so, we can incorporate your trip to such decisions in your schedule seamlessly. The advantage is that you can enjoy the trip at very affordable prices that will easily fit within your budget. We also include alternative options of healthcare such as Yoga if you desire. Yoga has the potential to improve the chances of success of the IVF treatment process.

ARTBaby can benefit you in more ways than one as the IVF and infertility treatment options we offer will cost you significantly less than what they cost in western countries. Besides, we make sure the treatment is done at certified hospitals only. This has opened up numerous possibilities for couples deprived of the happiness of being parents. Couples and individuals without many financial resources can easily undergo the treatment as they won’t have to spend huge sums of money that is way beyond their means.

As the cost of treatment is a lot cheaper in India, couples traveling to India can spend the money saved on visiting the places they always wanted to see in India.

Fertility Treatment India

It is a proven fact that IVF Clinics in India enjoy an impressive rate of success that matches the results of the best centers across the globe. At ARTbaby, all services are handled with the highest degree of professionalism by certified, highly experienced and qualified doctors. They follow international standards of IVF Protocol but provide the services at a much lower cost. When these immense benefits are clubbed with the gains of Medical Tourism, it makes sense to use the treatment services provided at ARTbaby India.

Reproductive Tourism – InfertilitySegment: A Few Key Points

  • Fertility tourism which is also known as reproductive tourism means traveling for fertility treatments to a different country.
  • The major processes involved in the treatment are IVT or in Vitro Fertilization and Donor Insemination
  • It is often considered a form of medical tourism.
  • Couples use this facility primarily because there may be legal implications of using infertility treatment in their home country. In many cases, they can get the treatment done more affordably in a country like India.
  • In India, this industry is in its nascent stage. We rank among the top five countries offering Medical Tourism. It is believed that 30 per cent of the couples opt for India for the treatment.
  • While governments of some of these countries aren’t unduly bothered about medical tourism, others actually promote it heavily and even earn impressive revenue from it.
  • A drawback of medical tourism in some countries is that people are lured by immoral offers. India strictly prohibits such acts.
  • Indian doctors are considered experts in IVF treatment. There are many doctors specializing in this treatment in USA and Europe. Our doctors have been attending global conferences in the US and Europe to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry.
  • They have a great track record of success in IVF/ICSI/Egg Donation
  • India is an English-speaking country which adds to the comfort-level of patients. All documentation is done only in English.
  • People traveling to India enjoy other advantages such as visiting global tourism hotspots like Taj Mahal and others.
  • They can also enjoy the benefits of alternate therapies such as Yoga and Ayurveda. These are treatment alternatives specific to India and can help boost the success rate of IVF.

Medical Tourism Process