Top 10 Things You Must Not Do When Planning a Surrogacy Arrangement

Surrogacy could be the ideal way to have a child with blood relations. Surrogacy can well be the answer for those seeking an option for renting a womb that can well fit within their budgets. As a matter of fact, surrogacy can be a great gift for infertile and childless couples in order to fulfill their desire to become parents. However, there are certain things that you must not do when planning a surrogacy arrangement.

Note: Surrogacy is not allowed in India for foreign intended parents. We don’t offer surrogacy. the Indian government decided to outlaw surrogacy for foreigners in 2015. The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, of 2016, a new piece of legislation that gave surrogacy a whole new definition and established regulations for it, was approved.

Never Avoid Legal Issues

A surrogacy arrangement usually needs legal information as the laws related to assisted reproduction might differ from one state to another and from country to country. It is significant that every party involved in such an arrangement includes a clear understanding of all the risks involved with such arrangements. You must not avoid seeking legal advice. If you are in doubt about anything related to the process then you consider seeking independent legal advice.

Legal Issues

Never Disrespect emotional Issues

Psychological counseling is a must. It’s the right step to discuss whether surrogacy is right for you and if you can actually do surrogacy. It is a difficult decision to allow a child for you. There are women who require a surrogate mother, however, they will try to control each and every aspect of the life of a surrogate and this is what causes the conflicts between them. You must seriously consider all these factors and discuss the options with your counselor.

Never try to control a surrogate’s life

It’s a common issue and most women who require a surrogate mother often try to control the life of a surrogate in every respect. This is what causes major conflicts between the two. You must consider child-free living seriously and go for a consultation with your counselor.

Never avoid general guidance

If you are considering international surrogacy then you must know that international surrogacy is somewhat a complex area. The method and process involved in getting the child back to your country can be complicated and long and might take several months to complete the whole procedure. If you are considering surrogacy in India, you must get to know the documents that are set out based on the procedures and requirements.

Be Open to suggestions. Never compromise on surrogacy arrangements

While there are specific clinics and hospitals that deal with surrogacy, the office of the high commission in the foreign country can offer a general list of clinics and hospitals in different regions. So, you must be open to suggestions.

Never avoid Parental rights

In some cases, the Home office needs a parental order to register the child as a citizen of the country. It is a parental order that transfers the legal rights to you as the intended parents. You must be open to such general guidance and further information. You must refer any queries about the parental orders to your home office.

Never avoid the Contract

It is the contract that is considered as the very first commitment that you might make. It is a wordy and long contract which you can expect. However, it is significant that you read out the details and understand what you are actually committing to.

Never avoid communicating with others

Speak up and talk to others who have already been through surrogacy and never hesitate to contact your lawyer or surrogacy agent if you have any queries.

Never avoid Insurance agreements

There are many other agreements as well as contracts that you will need to sign during the procedure. There can be agreements in relation to insurance. All of these are especially important.

Surrogacy Match

Finding the surrogacy match can be an emotional and exciting time for the intended parents. Hence, meeting the surrogate for the very first time provides an opportunity to get to know one another and ultimately agree to work with one another. Finding out a surrogate might take anywhere between one month to eight months time. The match meeting is convened to screen the surrogate for the intended parents.


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