Coping with infertility: A journey of hope & Resilience

The ability to procreate and regenerate is considered one of the most basic of all human drives when this ability to reproduce is affected then it impacts all aspects of a couple’s life: mental health, spiritual health, self-esteem, and relationships.

  • So infertility is a crisis that causes multiple losses emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Tips for coping with the stressful grief of infertility:-
  • Approach infertility as a couple’s problem and not an individual issue.
  • Gather education on the various medical and emotional components of infertility.

      – Couples should gather knowledge on various components of infertility and should consider themselves as a part of the treatment team and not as a patient.

          c. Find ways to manage stress in your life

        – Couples should learn various mind-body techniques to manage stress meditation breathing exercises, yoga, a good diet, and joining support groups.

d. Couples should recognize what they have control over in life and what they don’t!!

– understanding what you have control over and what you don’t is an important part of managing stress. You have control over how and what treatment you take, but you don’t have control over what and how your body responds to the treatment (like how many eggs will be obtained during treatment or whether a patient will becoming pregnant or not)

e.   Couples should focus on the present, and practice self-care.

f.    Couples should talk to themselves and others, couples should consider counseling as support and try cognitive restructuring. 

– Infertility is a journey, that no couple intended or even wanted to go on. Still, it is also a learning experience that will teach you the skill for coping with unexpected events in life.

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