PCOD- as a blessing for IVF!!

Polycystic ovary disease, or PCOD, is a disease caused by hormonal, metabolic, and ovarian dysfunctions in women when they are in their reproductive years. PCOD can be diagnosed using an imaginary ultrasound technique if each ovary is 9 millimeters in diameter, has 12 or more follicles, and has increased in volume by more than 10 milliliters. Menstrual irregularity is the most common symptom of PCOD, followed by difficulty ovulating, which causes infertility.

To begin, women with severe PCOD may not ovulate or release eggs on a regular basis. As a result, it might affect fertility. Women with this condition have a lower chance of getting pregnant, which some people can reverse by changing their lifestyles and exercising, and losing weight.

Even after making the aforementioned lifestyle adjustments, some women continue to experience infrequent ovulation. Most specialists would suggest the utilization of PCOD richness nutrients at this stage. However, it only makes sense to look into other options for assisting with conception.

IVF treatment should be considered for PCOD sufferers who have tried medication, lost weight, improved their complexion, and controlled excessive body hair but are still unable to conceive.

 The chances of getting pregnant are higher and the risks are lower with IVF. For starters, if only one embryo is transferred into your uterus, doctors can reduce the likelihood of multiple births.

There are a number of steps in the PCOD and IVF protocol, and your doctor or healthcare provider will walk you through each one.

Your convention and prescription will assess your PCOD and the expanded gamble of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation condition). This might mean that your embryos are frozen and transferred a few months later, which is a good way to avoid OHSS.

The reasoning behind the IVF course is this. Your eggs are of subpar quality. They get more made through IVF. The additional ones give the clinic more leeway to increase the likelihood of higher-grade eggs. In addition, IVF reduces the likelihood of multiple births associated with other PCOD-specific fertility treatments like IUI and Clomid.

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