Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao given birth to a baby boy through Surrogacy

`Aamir Khan’s openness on Surrogacy once again proves that he is class apart:

Its now known to everyone that our beloved actor is once again became father of a baby boy.

Matter of great appreciation is that he is again the first one to openly declare he got his new born baby boy through surrogacy.

Aamir Khan’s stance on the issue proves how broad minded courageous figure he is in the society.

He has given us a way to take and support the positive cause of surrogacy.

India needs to have certain firm and legal framework on surrogacy based upon ICMR guidelines.

The altruistic cause of surrogacy itself a strong point in its support.

Surrogacy gives us a choice to become genetic parent of a baby which is some how not possible due to medical reasons or for gay couples/singles.

Surrogacy is making realization of dream to have their own baby genetically when you cannot become parent naturally.

Kudos to Aamir Khan for giving birth to his newborn baby boy through surrogacy and also giving birth to address the issue of surrogacy in India.

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