Semen Analysis

Infertility Affects 1 in 8 couples of reproductive age male factor is solely responsible in 20% of these cases as a contributory factor in 30%. so the malefactor needs to be evaluated, as it could be the primary or contributory cause in approximately 50% of couples.

Semen analysis is the most basic evaluation of male infertility. Semen analysis parameters are based on the standards, defined by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). From the 1st edition of the W.H.O. laboratory manual published in 1980 to the current 6th edition, there have been significant advances in semen examination techniques, methods of sperm preparation, and new technologies to improve quality control & Assurance these advances have shed additional light on the prognosis of reproductive outcomes.

The 6th edition was released in July 2021 . the 6th edition presents revised reference values of semen parameters from the 5th edition.in addition, the 6th edition also incorporates advances in laboratory techniques of semen examination.

Thus, expanding our knowledge of different aspects of human semen will lead to improving the overall reproductive outcome of infertile couples.

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