Choosing an Egg Donor

Childlessness is often a medical condition but it has far reaching social and psychological impact on the childless couple. Childless woman is often subjected to social taboo and rejection. Even our modern society isn’t very kind towards women without children. Whether it’s a medical condition or a career decision, women of certain age are demanded justification for not having kids by friend, family and even strangers. Nevertheless, childlessness is on a rise among urbane womenfolk. Woman infertility is becoming one major concern for the society.  Some of the factors identified to contribute to the cause are:

  • Changed lifestyle
  • Increased level of stress
  • Career choice
  • Medical complications
  • General rise in marital age

However, if you are at your child bearing age and yet finding it hard to conceive you can still find the blessing by opting for an egg donor. Egg donation is increasingly finding acceptance and many childless couples are seeking egg donors to give birth to child in natural way. Here are some useful tips to find suitable egg donor.

Prepare yourself: Before you begin your hunt for an egg donor you must undergo the process of mentally preparing yourself to accept a child that is not born out of you. Forging bond with a child that you haven’t given birth naturally is no mean task. Ask yourself if you really want to go that way.

Seek your partner’s support: Deciding to have a child through egg donation is an important decision and you must seek your partner’s consent on the matter to avoid future complications. Remember, it is his child as well and to offer a good home for your future child you must get your partner’s contribution on it.

Find a match: Choose an egg donor who is healthy, strong and bright. Do not only seek physical or facial match. Rather, select one to whom you would feel drawn; with whom you may feel forging an emotional connection. Choose someone who would fit into your family.

Women between the age of 21 and 30 years are the most suitable choice for egg donation. Girls younger than 21 years of age may not have the mental maturity and women over 30 years aren’t at the peak of their fertility cycle.

Don’t fixate on any criteria for the future child. Matching the genetics of two people opens a wide range of possibilities. Remember you are going to love the child no matter what his/her physical or mental attributes are.

Listen to the donor: Spending time with your chosen egg donor can help in building an emotional relationship. Listen to what she has to say on the topic. Remember you would be sharing motherhood with the woman and she too must be undergoing huge mental stress.

Motherhood is wonderful. No matter how to get your child you’d still be blessed with all the happiness that motherhood can offer.

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