A Few Reasons Why Surrogacy is Better Than Adoption

Nowadays there are several options available for couples who are unable to have children on their own. While some couples have problems related to fertility, there are others who may be gay couples. These couples can either select a surrogate mother or consider an adoption. Now why surrogacy is a far better choice than adopting a child is what is discussed in this article.

While surrogacy and adoption are two best ways to add or create families, it is significant that you take the most informed decision. Keep in mind that the choice has to be more personal as it is a significant decision. If you feel the need to be genetically related to the child, take into consideration surrogacy procedures and methods.

In the current scenario, you have two types of surrogacy procedures- gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In the traditional surrogacy, the mother would use her own egg and the sperm will be introduced in her body via artificial insemination. On the other hand, genetic surrogacy is other form of surrogacy treatment where surrogate carrier will carry the sperm or egg of a commissioned couple.

Why Surrogacy is Better Than Adoption

There are many other reasons why most couples prefer surrogacy. First and foremost, they get to select the surrogate mother. Hence, there are aware about the background of the surrogate mother. On the other hand, when you choose to adopt a child, you are not always aware about the background of the parents.

There are problems related to the anti-gay adoptions laws across several countries and states. Many a times this does not exclude the self proclaimed enlightened nations as well. There are a lot of people against lesbian and gay adoption. Since it has become a lot difficult for a gay couple to adopt a child, surrogacy is considered as one and only option left for them to have a baby.

Most people choose international adoption over the domestic adoption, since it is accompanied with few worries, reservations and doubts. Now this however has turned out to be a lot difficult as most foreign countries are actually closing their doors on foreign adoption.

One country which has recently removed international adoption is Guatemala. In 2007, the government of Guatemala decided to close international adoption. Another country which canceled international adoption in the year 2008 was Vietnam. Nonetheless, it also proves to be a lot expensive to stay in countries like Guatemala and Vietnam to go through the different adoption methods and procedures.

There was a time when most people preferred international adoption as there were fewer uncertainties related with it. However, the option is no longer an easy one as it used to be few years ago. Most foreign countries have made it difficult for couples to adopt a child while most other countries have almost banned foreign or international adoption completely.

International surrogacy is a preferable option compared to adoption. While the cost of surrogacy treatment in countries like the United States is found to be expensive, it is usually found to be  a lot cheaper in Asian countries especially India. In United States, the cost of surrogacy can range between $100000 and more than that. However, in India, you can get all the services at a fraction of cost.

Last but not the least; surrogacy is a costly and complex procedure. Therefore, it would be important to choose an agency which can provide the needed assistance and guidance.

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