Priyanka Chopra became a parent through frozen eggs

Priyanka Chopra, an actress, and singer, recently talked about having problems with her health before having her daughter. Subsequent to sealing the deal with the Jonas Siblings star Scratch Jonas in 2018, their little girl Malti Marie was brought into the world in January 2022 through surrogacy. Priyanka Chopra revealed that her mother Madhu Chopra had suggested freezing her eggs long before she met Nick Jonas.

On the podcast of DaxShephard, Priyanka spoke with him recently. The Bollywood actor mentioned during their conversation that she wanted to concentrate on her career and had her eggs frozen when she was in her early thirties. She said that her obstetrician-gynecologist mother, Madhu Chopra, was consulted before making the decision. After moving forward with it, the DilDhadakne Do actor stated that she experienced “such freedom.”

Priyanka Chopra also stated that she felt such freedom when she did it in her early thirties and that she was able to continue her ambitious career path. She wanted to succeed and reach a certain point. She also said she hadn’t met the man or woman she wanted to have kids with. Therefore, despite the fact that it makes her feel anxious and that her obstetrician-gynecologist mother also advised her to go before turning 36.

Priyanka Chopra supports the freezing of eggs

Priyanka also stated that she supports the freezing of eggs at a younger age. The actor said that she always tells all of her younger friends that it’s hard to get pregnant after 35. She went on to say that women who work all of their lives end up with the problem. However, she said that if women can afford it and give it to them as a gift, it would be the best gift ever because it would force your biological clock to stop running.

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