Fertility capabilities and covid-19 Vaccination

There is some misinformation spread out on the internet that the COVID-19 vaccines have an impact on fertility. This misinformation spread out through sharing of unreliable links, memes, and videos that claim the COVID-19 vaccines could provide a harmful impact on fertility. In such cases, teenagers are the most vulnerable group. But health experts declared that no connection was found between the COVID-19 vaccines and infertility.

Covid and fertility

The renowned medical expert’s committees like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fatal Medicine have recommended that people who are pregnant can access COVID-19 vaccines. The research studies did not find any safety concerns related to fertility. The CDC trusted source also reported that COVID-19 vaccination need not delay because of pregnancy.

Researchers reported that several people got positive pregnancy tests during COVID-19 vaccination clinical trials and did not found any evidence that reflects fertility problems due to COVID-19 vaccination. In the USA, more than 1 lakh pregnant mothers are vaccinated for COVID-19. The research was performed on more than 35,000 pregnant populations who took mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and did not have any complications in their pregnancy. Therefore, COVID-19 vaccine shots do not cause any harm to the unborn child. And further, studies are continued with these parents and their born children to check the long-term safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Why the Myth spread?

A German physician showed his concern about the protein used in mRNA vaccines that analogs to the syncytin-1, a protein that takes part in the placenta development during pregnancy. The fear is generated as both the spike protein and syncytin-1 share small pieces of genetic code that could activate an immune response against the placenta. But no such evidence was reported. Spreading of Wodarg’s concept which stated that the genetic material present in the COVID-19 vaccines could reach the host’s genome and modify their DNA spread the fear among general populations. mRNA vaccination is not a new technology. The same technique is used to combat diseases like flu, rabies, Zika virus, and even cancer decades ago. Therefore, the fear is practically baseless.

How COVID-19 Vaccine works and does not impact fertility?

Genetic material, mRNA is not stable and degraded quickly. It doesn’t replicate or reproduce. An OB-GYN expert from New York explained that the mRNA coronavirus vaccines teach human cells to produce a protein or a protein segment that can trigger an immune response. Activation of immune response produces antibodies and protects us from viral infection. The body automatically discarded the genetic material entered through vaccination after the immune system has been activated.

How to Combat COVID-19 Vaccination fears?

Physicians and healthcare professionals need to take this as a mission to share factual and investigated scientific information with patients and convince them there’s no evidence of loss of fertility because of the COVID-19 vaccination. Physicians and healthcare professionals should explain COVID-19 itself is a life-threatening disease and has serious short and long-term health consequences to people who showed their concern related to COVID-19 vaccination. But the COVID-19 vaccination-related reactions and side effects are manageable.

The bottom line

The COVID-19 vaccine-related misinformation that reflects the negative impact on fertility is spread out. But healthcare is trying to teach people about the mechanism of action of COVID-19 vaccines. Several free webinars, seminars, or talk shows need to conduct so that the general population aware of the fact.



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