What Is Infertility

Fertility is the natural ability of a couple to parent a child. Around 80% of couples would achieve pregnancy within one year of trying more so in the earlier months, and another 10 percent would conceive in the subsequent 1 year. However, the remaining 10% may not be able to conceive and would need an expert opinion to find out the causes and possible treatment options.

Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive despite having regular unprotected intercourse for a year. Approximately 15-20% of couples face difficulty in conceiving a child.

Causes of Infertility:

About 1/3rd of the total infertility cases are attributed to male factor infertility, another 1/3rd to female factors and the remaining cases can be either due to both partners or unexplained, where no definite cause can be found.

To find out the cause of infertility it is crucial that both partners are evaluated & investigated simultaneously. We have listed some of the most commonly encountered causes of infertility as seen in our clinical practice.

  • Common male infertility problems: Abnormal sperm parameters, Azoospermia, Sperm antibodies
  • Common female infertility problems:Ovulatory problems, Polycystic ovaries, Tubal disease or blockage, Endometriosis

When to Seek Treatment?

Infertility can affect anyone at any age. However, the chances of needing an IVF treatment increase as you age. You should seek infertility treatment in the following situations:

  • Under 35 years of age, regular menstrual cycles, no pregnancy after trying for 1 year.
  • 35 to 38 years, regular cycles, no pregnancy after trying for 6 months.
  • More than 38 years, regular cycles, no pregnancy after trying for just 3 months.

The old notion that infertility is a female problem is a myth that has been conclusively proven wrong. Male factor infertility is increasing day by day and the world over. Decreasing sperm counts, motility, and other deteriorating semen parameters is a common finding in the male partner of an infertile couple. These problems are associated with evolved lifestyles, work-related stress, and environmental pollution.

To find out the cause of infertility it is of utmost importance that both the male & female partners are evaluated & investigated simultaneously.

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