Male infertility myths and facts

Myth 1: Only women have infertility.

Fact: Globally 40% of fertility problems are due to men, 40% are due to women, and the rest 20 % are due to combined factors or unexplained factors.

1 in 20 men worldwide faces fertility challenges.

Myth 2- The man’s age is not Important

Fact: With the advances in infertility science, it has been proved, that male fertility decreases with age. There is a reduction in sperm quantity and quality in older men. Sperm DNA damage is there, which reduces the chances of fertilization and increases the chances of miscarriages.

Myth 3: Lifestyle does not affect fertility.

Fact: Lifestyle choices have a huge impact on fertility. Alcohol, Smoking, Gym supplements, and poor diet adversely affect fertility.

Smoking is known to cause sperm DNA damage.

Exercise has shown better semen quality and testosterone levels.

Myth 4:Infertility is always linked to erectile dysfunction.

Fact: Erectile dysfunction is not the sole cause of infertility infertility can result from poor semen analysis and other structural pathologies.

Myth 5-Wearing tight underwear causes male infertility

Fact: infertility is not caused by wearing any particular type of underwear. Although wearing tight underwear raises the scrotal temperature sperm thrive in lower temperatures. So, it is advised that men avoid hot showers and saunas as they can affect sperm quality.

Myth 6: Testosterone supplements boost sperm count.

Fact-   Testosterone maintains the sperm count, Quality, and structure. But taking testosterone supplements worsens the problem, as it further shuts down the body’s ability to produce testosterone.

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