Experience Parenthood with the Assistance of ARTbaby

Infertility is not considered to be a curse anymore since it can be treated. Parents experiencing infertility can now opt for different surrogacy methods to realize their dream of becoming proud parents of beautiful kids. ARTbaby is a fertility clinic that will assist you in making the right decision in choosing a suitable and cost-effective process. They will guide you through each step leading to different infertility treatments as required.

It is situated in India where you get surrogacy services at a competitive price. The services provided include assistance in sperm donation, MESA, ICSI, ART-IVF, TESA, Laparoscopy, and Egg donation.


ARTbaby will make you aware of the various options regarding ART. Counselors and specialist doctors will guide you through the steps before you can make a decision. Understand the treatments and choose what is best for you. The clinic also helps you in knowing about major IVF centers in the country.

They provide you with detailed information on the centers, the doctors available there, treatment expenses, and other relevant facilities. ARTbaby also helps in finding information on the hospitals in other cities in India. Besides they also help in knowing the costs of various infertility treatments.

In fact, ARTbaby will arrange for consultation and treatment of their clients in different hospitals and IVF centers on your behalf. If you are seeking advanced treatment, we can do that as well. The assistants from ARTbaby will assist you through the paperwork and registration procedure. Our assistants can arrange for accommodation facilities for you near the hospital you can select for treatment.

ARTbaby offers exclusive holiday packages along with medical treatment assistance in India for foreign tourists who are suffering from infertility. This is a booming industry since thousands of people all around the world are facing this problem in the present times. Opting for treatment in India is cost-effective because you will be charged less than one-sixth of the money for the same treatment meted out in other developed nations. ARTbaby takes care of the traveling part for their foreign clients arriving in India.

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