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Ravi sharma is a self-motivated, successful entrepreneur and has solid experience in fertility segment. He is a pharmacy graduate with MBA in marketing and has 14 years of rich experience in sales and marketing. His latest achievement includes successful launch of medical tourism company with the name of ARTbaby which offers treatment options for infertility, egg donation and surrogacy. He enjoys spending time with his family and witting on Surrogacy and egg donation.

Impact of fertility drugs

Fertility drugs treatment can solve infertility issues in many instances and increase the possibility conceive and carrying the offspring for full-term. However, a patient needs to consult with a doctor to get the right prescription medication. Different types of fertility drugs are available and each has a specific activity. Diagnosis of infertility is essential to … Read More

Mutated sperm and fertility

Biological failure for conceiving difficulty after a year of unprotected intercourse is clinically referred to as infertility. Almost 10% to 15% of worldwide populations have infertility issues. In the past, people had a misconception that infertility issues belong to a woman’s problem. But gradual awareness among people reveals that the malefactor can equally be responsible … Read More

First baby born from frozen immature eggs matured in the lab

A malignancy patient in France brought forth the primary child considered from an immature frozen egg which turns to mature in the research center, after defrosting them carefully. Malignant growth can negatively affect a lady’s body, with numerous incapable to consider after thorough medicines. Loss of reproductive functionality is consistently a possible danger after chemotherapy … Read More

Fertility and social issues

Unprotected intercourse for over a year does not help to conceive is considered infertility. Worldwide almost 10% population are suffering from infertility in their reproductive age. Sperm, oocyte, uterus, fallopian tube, and ovaries need to be healthy for a natural conception. A healthy couple has a 15% probability per cycle to conceive naturally. Usually, couples … Read More

Mitochondrial replacement therapy

Mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) is a novel practice of reproductive in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The principle of MRT is to replace the abnormal mitochondrial DNA (mt-DNA) from the affected women with the donor’s healthy one. Mitochondrial disorders cause life-threatening effects on the offspring of the deceased parents.  The defective mitochondria-associated diseases lead to heart, lungs, kidney, … Read More

Can you do IVF after c section?

Currently, cesarean deliveries (CD) are common. Many couples electively choose C-section to deliver their child. However, cesarean deliveries have some possible complications like uterine or pelvic scarring, abnormalities placenta, and uterine rupture. Consequences of these lead to difficulty to conceive in the future. If the complications are serious, then such couples often require assisted reproductive … Read More