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Become an Egg Donor :

ARTbaby appreciates and blesses all persons who are interested in becoming an egg donor or becoming a surrogate. You are an angel and can make dreams come true. Because of you, someone can be told if because of the generous and kind help of a special being, you have a chance of becoming pregnant. Egg donors and surrogates make families and fulfill dreams.

Women become egg donors & surrogate mothers because India is made up of beautiful people who care for others and want to reach out to fellow humans.

Egg Donation Process :

Screening for egg:

  • Consultation/ Counseling.
  • Blood testing.
  • Scan – This is an internal scan performed by an IVF doctor to verify that the reproductive organs are normal including both ovaries.

Once the screening confirms the egg donor’s fitness, she may be given the oral contraceptive pill prescribed by an IVF specialist as part of the process to start matching her menstrual cycle with the recipient.

The actual egg donation treatment or egg donor program starts when the egg donor starts her period.  With the start of the egg donor program, the egg donor takes injections over a period of 2 to 3 weeks to stimulate follicle and egg development for a period of about 2 weeks. The injections are very easy to administer. During this process, the egg donor visits the clinic for about 2 or 3 ultrasound scans to monitor the donor’s response to the injections and to monitor egg size and growth. Once the egg donor ovulates, the eggs are ready for pickup.

This is a very simple procedure that requires a morning at the clinic. The actual egg retrieval process is different for different IVF clinics. Egg donors may be administered full or mild anesthetic during the process.  The donors’ eggs are retrieved through the vagina which is not an operation so there will be no incisions to hurt later on or there will be no scars also. The worst side effect that can happen is slight bloatedness.  Egg donors can go to their homes within one or two hours of the pickup after clearance from the IVF specialist.

Egg Donation Remuneration in India – A major portion is generally paid by egg donation recipients on the day of egg retrieval – when the donor eggs are ready to be donated.

Egg donation cost in India

The cost of egg donation in India can vary widely depending on several factors, including the clinic, location, and specific services included. On average, the price for an egg donation cycle in India typically ranges from ₹150,000 to ₹300,000 or more. This fee typically covers the medical and screening expenses for both the egg donor and recipient, as well as the fertility treatments and procedures. Additional costs may include medications, legal and administrative fees, and any other specialized services required. It’s essential for individuals considering egg donation to consult with fertility clinics in India to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information and to understand the full scope of services included in the package.

Egg Donor Confidentiality

Egg donation is kept anonymous and confidential. Indian Egg Donation encourages anonymous egg donation and confidential egg donation.

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