Surrogacy and Infertility Treatment in India Serving as a Boon for Couples

Infertility is a medical condition that can be treated so that couples can have healthy babies and enjoy parenthood. There are quite a few clinics in India providing treatment at an affordable rate to patients suffering from infertility. Treatments include IVF – ET, ART- IUI-Donor or husband, ICSI-ET, Blastocyst culture, Laser assisted hatching, retrieval of sperm by TESA, PESA and MESA methods. Others include cumulus cell coculture, sperm or egg donation, sperm banking and freezing of embryo or sperm. Surgical treatments are also meted out to people when required. They include reproductive surgery for chocolatecyst, Amniocentesis, endometriosis, hydrosalpinx, keyhole surgery, Fibroids, fetal reduction, Variococelectomy. Pregnancy management for non surgical ectopic cases is also offered. Surrogacy is another facility provided by the clinics for women who are not able to carry the fetus.


Infertility can be caused due to various reasons. Once the reasons can be identified by the doctors, treatment matching the profile can be meted out. Treatments, especially for infertility in women has advanced in leaps and bounds, hence with reproductive technology, the clinics in India are able to help out couples wanting to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. Treatments range from hormonal therapy, surgery to drugs which are effective in curing infertility. Even male fertility problems can be cured so that his partner can conceive naturally.

India has become a common surrogacy seeking destination for foreigners who wish to have child but are not able to have a baby naturally. Various clinics in India provide this facility. This often comes under the tourism package termed as reproductive tourism to India for the people coming from other parts of the world. India has become quite a sought after nation for surrogacy because the cost of the entire procedure is low compared to other developed nations of the world. The various fertility clinics along with providing this facility also take care of the accommodation of the would-be parents.

Vitro fertilization is the most common process through which surrogacy takes place in India. This is also known as gestational surrogacy wherein, the embryo created from egg and sperm of intended parents are chosen by parents and implanted in the womb of the surrogate mother. The gestation period is 40 weeks. It is a complete legal process through which you can become proud parents of beautiful kids. Most of the times, the entire cost of surrogacy in India never goes beyond $12,000 whereas in the USA, it will cost you no less than $70,000.


  1. David T Briggssays:

    my wife is about 50yrs but we wish to have at lest a child because of her age we were told that her egg sensitity is about 5% and we do not want to use a donor egg . what can we do?

    1. Ravi Sharmasays:

      We have helped many people in becoming parents through IVF. The success rate of IVF varies from 30% to 40% but IVF is 100% success for those who got pregnant through it.

  2. well  am 40, has misscarry 2time but now the doctor have my fibrod removeand since then 1year and 8month havent had my preiod nd was also told tht i have block tubes

    1. Ravi Sharmasays:

      We will surely help you in getting pregnant through IVF, Surrogacy after counseling and exploring possibilities. But currently, commercial surrogacy has been banned in India. And we have a Surrogacy clinic in Georgia since 2011 And helping heterosexual couples (foreign intended parents looking for IVF surrogacy abroad) in becoming parents through legal Surrogacy services in Georgia.

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