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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Boosting IVF Cycle Success Rate

If IVF specialists are to be believed, approx 1/3 of patients with IVF have no success. However, their chances of success are not end up. Artificial Intelligence, most commonly known as AI, can be helpful in ensuring success of IVF cycle by flagging the most feasible embryos for better results. For intended couples, who are … Read More

Psychology of the infertile Indian couple about gamete donation

Childlessness due to infertility creates a psychological dilemma for many couples. This may provide noticeable and unnoticeable trouncing. Infertility related stress generates an emotional barrier towards different social aspects due to unanticipated familiarity about the fact. Assistive reproductive technology (ART) advancement gives the scope to overcome infertility issues by using donor gametes as well as … Read More

Obesity and Success Rate of IVF

Obesity or Extra fat or Body Mass Index is not for overall health as it is an open invitation to various health complications. Overweight people are more prone to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes. Overweight women have a greater risk of complications during pregnancy. Both overweight men and women are at higher risk of … Read More