About Us – Art Bank Options & Treatments

Our Mission

The mission of ARTbaby is to assist couples to achieve their goals of building a family using the highly successful method of building. We firmly believe that surrogacy and egg donation must be available to anyone who needs it. With our expertise, we can ensure that the intended parents have a great experience throughout the process. We also ensure complete honesty and transparency which are key components of a successful surrogacy.

At ARTbaby the focus is on reducing the anxiety that’s generally an indispensable part of the treatment. We are committed to providing the highest quality diagnosis and treatment for childless couples and individuals. We provide easy access to high-tech IVF labs as well as highly specialized scientific and advanced nursing care.

    • We Help You Identify the Options Available
      It is quite possible that many individuals and couples may not understand the many intricate and complex components associated with surrogacy. Our consultants and doctors can explain the various aspects of the ART treatment in a simple and lucid language that can help the concerned people make the right choices. Want a second opinion? We can help you here too.
    • Easy Access to Valuable Information
      ARTbaby makes the task easy for you by providing all the information you may need about the IVF Centers in Delhi NCR, India and ART Bank that may be relevant to your needs. We also help you understand other related aspects of the process such as the best doctors to approach, the facilities and the costs among other things.
    • Know About Treatment Options Available in Other Cities
      Get detailed and reliable information about the options available for you to receive similar treatment at hospitals in other cities of the country.
    • Coordination, Consultation, and Treatment – We Provide It All
      We have excellent networking with various IVF Centers in India. We share your specific details about your case with the experts at these centers to get their feedback and ensure that your consultation and the subsequent treatment go on smoothly without any waiting period.
  • We Take Care of Your Every Need
    Right from the moment of your arrival at the hospital, our representative will be with you. You will be guided through all the documentation process and also in getting a suitable and conveniently-located accommodation.

What Our ART Bank Offers

  • ARTBaby Surrogacy Program
    We will be with you right through the ARTbaby Surrogacy Program. Our surrogacy professionals will assist in various stages of the program such as selection, preparation, and drafting of the legal contracts. At every stage, from the full pregnancy to delivery and handing the baby over, we will provide rock-steady support and high-quality counseling.
  • ARTbaby Egg Donation
    Egg donors at ARTbaby include Caucasians, Indians, and Asians.
    Over donor are traveling all over the world for hassle-free egg donation process. For more details visit www.artbabyeggdonors.com

Who can Use Our Art Bank Services

Couples requiring any of the ART Bank options & treatment or services related to Infertility e.g. ART-IVF, ICSI, TESA, MESA, Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, Surrogacy, Laparoscopy, etc.
ARTbaby does not, however, provide any form of medical advice or medical emergency services.