Egg Cryopreservation for Future Fertility- What is the Hype all about?

Introduction While I was sitting in a waiting room the other day, came across an article in a magazine on freezing oocyte. There are many companies offering freezing egg services for women for the purpose of future fertility. These companies have a very solid way of marketing, means they go after women who are aging … Read More

A Few Reasons Why Surrogacy is Better Than Adoption

Nowadays there are several options available for couples who are unable to have children on their own. While some couples have problems related to fertility, there are others who may be gay couples. These couples can either select a surrogate mother or consider an adoption. Now why surrogacy is a far better choice than adopting … Read More

Role of Ayurveda in Infertility Treatment

Infertility is considered as the inability to conceive after having one year of unprotected sex or intercourse. Those women who can get pregnant but faces repeated miscarriages are also considered to be infertile. There are about 10 percent people affected by infertility in their reproductive age. Conversely, 15 percent couples face such issue. In about … Read More

Advanced IVF Treatment Options in India

Infertility afflicts a lot of couples around the world. The problem of infertility even leads to frustration for many. Unfortunately, there are about 15 to 20 percent married couples inIndiaalone suffering from infertility issues. However, with the latest advancement in medical science, better management of the infertility issues can now be ensured. Couples can now … Read More

Legal Aspects of Surrogacy in India

Anyone looking for surrogacy or assisted reproduction in India should take into account the legal aspects of surrogacy in India. A person looking for surrogacy treatment in India through assisted reproductive technology or (ART), including the surrogate mother need to enter into the ‘legal surrogacy agreement’, which is imposed by the apex court in India. … Read More

Take Advantages Of Infertility Treatments in India and Enjoy the Bliss of Parenthood

Infertility basically is considered to be the inability of a person to conceive. Both men and women can suffer from infertility. A woman can also be termed infertile when she is not able to carry the child for the entire term of pregnancy. There can be various causes of infertility. Those include tubal problems, problems … Read More

Surrogacy and Infertility Treatment in India Serving as a Boon for Couples

Infertility is a medical condition that can be treated so that couples can have healthy babies and enjoy parenthood. There are quite a few clinics in India providing treatment at an affordable rate to patients suffering from infertility. Treatments include IVF – ET, ART- IUI-Donor or husband, ICSI-ET, Blastocyst culture, Laser assisted hatching, retrieval of … Read More