How should one choose a surrogate mother?

Surrogate mother should not be less than 21 years or over 39 years. Choosing women to be a surrogate is a tough task before accepting a woman to be a surrogate mother, the assisted reproductive technique it must ensure whether women are perfectly fit and healthy to go through pregnancy.

What does surrogacy mean?

Surrogacy means a process where a woman carries the child of another couple or individual. Surrogacy can also be termed as third-party reproduction where surrogate means a woman who carries some other child in her womb. An agreement is signed between both the parties i.e. intended parents and surrogate mother.

How long does entire surrogacy process take?

Surrogacy process starts from consultation phase, also include evaluation of surrogate till a child is born. Total process may take 15-18 months.

Is surrogacy is legal in India?

Yes, surrogacy is legal in India but only Indian citizen can be a part of it, foreigners are not allowed for surrogacy. Since 2002 Supreme Court of India has made commercial surrogacy legal in India.

What does gestational surrogacy mean?

In gestational surrogacy pregnancy takes by conceiving embryo created with the sperm and egg of intended parents which is inseminated to a surrogate mother through IVF. Parents mostly go with this surrogacy as in this child has no biological relationship with a surrogate mother.

What is surrogacy agreement?

Surrogacy agreement is a written document between the surrogate mother and intended parents consists of right and duties to be maintained by both parties. The purpose of surrogacy agreement is to clearly state that surrogate mother cannot intend parenting on a child born.

Which city is affordable for surrogacy in India?

India is considered best place for surrogacy because costs spend for surrogacy is quite low in India. There are various cities in India having best clinics and hospital for surrogacy but Delhi is considered most safe and affordable.

What is a cost of IVF Surrogacy in India?

Cost of surrogacy contract in India is approx. 8,00,000 INR to 10,00,000 INR totally .Cost also depends on the medications and technology used for successful pregnancy IVF, IVF-ICSI, IMSI, PICSI etc. Cost of IVF treatment  & surrogacy in India is quite low as compared to other countries.

Whose name is on the birth certificate?

As per the India Council guidelines for accreditation and ART clinics in India, parents name will be mentioned in certificate and surrogacy will not be mentioned on the birth certificate.

Which hospital provides best surrogacy treatment in India?

Hospitals at Delhi are rated best hospitals for surrogacy treatment with excellent medical services and professional doctors.